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Human Resources Practices

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Our Human Resources Policy

Our company;

•    All staff capabilities, they can use their skills and professional development, it aims to provide the environment to develop and conditions

•    Create an environment of open communication at all levels principle.

•    Adopting corporate culture and values, consistent with the ethical and professional rules, it seeks to have the staff to do teamwork.

•    Staff will develop the creative thinking process and encourages new ideas.

•    Adopted the principle of equal opportunities and implementing a company. Age, gender, religion, race, nationality, language, religion, marital status, social or economic status, disability, pregnancy or military service does not discriminate in terms of the situation.

•    When selecting the employee information, experience, ability to decide according to their business needs and have the other qualifications required for the position and performance.

•    In order to balance work and family lives of employees and provide them with regular working hours.

Career Opportunities

HMK as a young and growing company, its employees based on objective criteria, offers a dynamic and flexible career path. Performance and capabilities are available to provide appropriate promotion of each employee.

Staff for promotion;

•    The empty norm staff for tasks that can be assigned,

•    Find the time required to complete the career title,

•    Performance evaluation is positive,

•    Participate as the title is concerned assigned to courses and / or seminars successfully completed,

•    Have the competence for the title will be assigned until it is necessary.

Our Performance Evaluation System

Performance evaluation, to identify the competencies required direction or development of the staff’s duty to determine the ability and potential, with the aim of directing the opening and career planning is done with a system based on the principle of objectivity.

Performance Appraisal System, staff and given the success of achieving the goals, as well as it assesses the competencies.

Performance evaluation results;

•    Promotion and tasks in change

•    Increase in salary, bonus, in monetary payments such as bonuses,

•    The identification of training needs,

•    In Rewarding,

•    Taken into account in the work contract termination.

Educational Practices

Our company’s employees to improve their knowledge and skill level to ensure the continuous development and to support their career development, as required by the business professional / technical and personal development training programs are arranged in topics.

Educational programs, such as can be regulated within our company, the participation of our employees are provided with training programs organized by other institutions. When necessary, it is planned to participate in overseas training.

Our employees have access to sufficient knowledge and skill levels, are involved as trainers in our company.


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