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Gravity Solutions

Simplify re-stocking, save time and improve product presentation

Surveys indicate that 76% of buying decisions are made directly in the store.

With feeding systems the display is always neat and full of products, ensuring a better shopping experience. The shelves look fully stocked all the time, which leads to increased sales. A major reduction in hours spent on refilling or front facing products guarantees improved stock rotation.

—Gravity Feeds

Full range visibility

A unique maintenance-free gravity feed system that never sleeps.

Roller Track™ enhances product presentation and gives a better view of the range on the shelf. The system is especially suited for dairy products, beverages and heavy products but can also be used for a variety of packages with flat bases. Roller Track™ brings sellable product to the shelf edge, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Improve the product display and reduce labour cost

RollerTrack™ will improve your product presentation and reduce the time to keep the shelf in order. According to an independent study, sales increased by up to 20% during peak trading hours. System pay-back is 6 to 9 months depending on application.

Roller Track™ is a shelf ready unit that can be installed directly on your shelves.

Maintaining good stock rotation

Roller Track™ is a shelf ready sheet that can be installed directly on to the shelf fixture. It can be supplied as individual tracks or assembled sheets of any size and is easy to transport and install.

A special version – Roller Track™ Zero is a heavy-duty system which combines rollers with pushers which is especially useful in deep shelves that cannot be tilted allowing product to move to the shelf edge automatically.

Benefits with Roller Track™:

The display is neat and always full of product.

Products are continually moved to the shelf edge and therefore easy to access.

A major reduction in hours spent refilling or front facing products.

Price and product always match up.

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—360° RotoShelf

Easy as one, two, three!

Rotate the section 180° – Fill from the  back – Rotate the section back

RotoShelf™ is a patented solution for easy product management and improved efficiency when refilling products. The solution works through a rotating movement where the entire interior is rotated so that the back of all shelves is available at the same time for stocking products.

Sell more, waste less and reduce time spent refilling

A game changer in coolers

Rotoshelf™ that can be installed in almost any type of coolers or cabinet, with or without doors and with or without a cold storage behind. Thanks to a 180° rotating movement, all shelves rotate at once, enabling restocking from the back. Space between shelves is reduced, maximising merchandising space. Products are merchandised on gravity shelves with built in dividers. Having products always face outwards, as well as having products always cold is proven to increase sales.

Benefits with Rotoshelf™:

Sell more

Reduced labour and energy cost

Waste less

Better consumer experience

For more information about 360° RotoShelf download our brochure here

For more information and solutions siparis@hmkas.com