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Shelf Segmentation

Shelf management made easy!

Optimal™+ is a modern divider system developed through years of innovation.

A clear shelf segmentation will increase impulse buying while reducing time store staff spend keeping the shelf in order. Optimal™+ helps you to create a nice and tidy shelf.

Optimal™+ is easy to install and adjust. With the smart back rail the dividers can be adjusted from the front, no need to click the divider at the back, just hook it onto the back rail and fix it to the front grip.

Optimal™+ keeps the products aligned and matched with their respective price label

Benefits with Optimal™+:

Clear and attractive presentation of the offer

Products and price labels always match up

Easy mounting

HMK Eco Dividers

Position products on the shelf

Keep the shelfs facing well organized

Competible with pushers and back rest products

Sales increase with moderate investment