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Price and Product Communication

Clear information on the shelf edge

The broadest portfolio on the market

HL Display has been supplying datastrips to the retail industry since 1975. During these years we have built a unique knowledge and extended range of quality datastrips, with a solution for almost every shop fitting system on the market. Today we offer a wide range of more than 400 different profiles, fitting virtually all knowns shelves for retail stores.

Our main concepts for shelf edge communication are CosmeLine™ especially designed for drugstores, pharmacies and beauty stores and SlimLine™ , which allows tightly set shelving and integration of both price and promotional signage at a very low cost.

.—Multifunctional system

Multifunctional carrier profile with premium feel

Exclusive design and high quality feeling

CosmeLine™ is the first complete system to combine price communication with category segmentation. Add to that accessorises for all types of branding activities. CosmeLine™ gives a high-quality feeling while leaving the centre stage to the products. Attach an Ad’Lite™ LED bar to illuminate both the profile and the products on the shelf below.

Excellent communication possibilities

The CosmeLine™ carrier profile has an optional rail for merchandising solutions. A gripper track allows easy management of accessories such as glorifiers and info holders. When using the separated transparent front profile, you can display prices on top and segmentation inside the lower part.

Use CosmeLine™ to guide customers in-store and influence what they buy

Illuminate the profile

It is widely known that light plays an important role in in-store communication. CosmeLine™ comes with a track for easy attachment of an Ad’Lite™ LED bar. Low consumption, low temperature, high brightness and high efficiency. Design your lighting with both Ad’Lite™ and CosmeLine™.

Benefits with CosmeLine™:

High gloss premium look

Combines price communication with segmentation and promotions

Possibility to illuminate the profile

For more information about Multifunctional system download our brochure here

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—Slimline Ultra

The optimal attachment solution for ESL

Update your shelving with a high-end pricing solution

Slimline™ Ultra is the perfect choice for customers wanting a modern profile for electronic shelf labels and offers a neat look on the shelf with its slim design. The profile is a flexible solution for price, product and campaign information and is compatible with both paper and electronics labels.

Always provides the better readability

The profile offers two different angles for a good readability. With its closed and opened position Slimline™ Ultra always provides the better readability. To make it easier to read labels on lower shelves, the labels need to be angled upwards. With Slimline™ Ultra you angle the whole profile and all labels on each shelf will always have the same angle, necessary for a clear and tidy presentation of price.

Angle the profile for better readability on lower shelves

Modern look, smart features!

Slimline™ Ultra is ready for lighting

Slimline™ Ultra allows the retailer to add light easily and effectively. A LED blade bar slides into a slot in the Slimline™ Ultra profile – no additional holders are needed. Since the light bar is positioned on the shelf edge, the light can be directed inwards, towards the front of the product below.

Benefits with Slimeline™ Ultra:

Modern look

Maximum visibility

Ready for illumination

For more information about Slimline Ultra download our brochure here

For more information and solutions siparis@hmkas.com

—Individual Pricing

The ultimate shelf edge communication system

Make the offer visible and the price information readable.

Slimline™ has been developed to handle an increasing amount of products and references on a given number of square meters. Slimline™ allows tightly set shelving – without the normal inconveniences of lost hand space for keeping a category or section properly merchandised. The individual label holders simply swing away when touched.

Slimline™ gives a visual improvement of your store with its sleek and attractive design. Your store will look new with the same old shelving space.

Allows tightly set shelving – a space saver!

Benefits with Slimline™

Clear information on the shelf

Attractive design

Flexible solutions for price, product or campaign information

Save space between the shelves

Usable for both paper or electronic labels

For more information about Slimline download our brochure here

For more information and solutions siparis@hmkas.com