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Feeding Systems

Simplify re-stocking, save time and improve product presentation

Surveys indicate that 76% of buying decisions are made directly in the store.

With feeding systems the display is always neat and full of products, ensuring a better shopping experience. The shelves look fully stocked all the time, which leads to increased sales. A major reduction in hours spent on refilling or front facing products guarantees improved stock rotation.

—All-in-One Revolution

The revolution in shelf management

Boost your profit by reducing labour costs and increasing sales

Multivo™ is our latest shelf merchandising system that makes the daily work of refills, front facing and planogram changes easier and faster than ever. The system is especially suited for health and beauty but can also be used for multiple products and pack-types. The solution allows automatic fronting of more pack types than ever before.

The revolution in shelf management

Having a good visibility is proven to drive sales. Reducing time spent on fronting, refill and planograms changes is a key factor for today’s retailers. Multivo™ maintains products faced up and ensures that shelves always look attractive and well stocked without staff having to invest too much of their time keeping the shelves in order. Let’s have your staff in front of customers instead of in front of the shelves!

Visibility is critical Fronting is critical

Multivo™ improves product visibility as fronting is automatic with the integrated pusher and just as easy with the manual Pull-strip™ version. The flip down front facilitates fast refilling. By using the flip down front a full tray of products can be inserted in one go

Benefits with Multivo™:

Faster, easier fixtures changes

Better visibility drives sales

One system for the whole category

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—Pull Feeding

Reduce facing time by 45%*

and make the most out of high maintenance categories.

Create an inviting and engaging section in no time!

Facer™ frames are adaptable to the actual product size and keeps the bottles steady. Facer™ reduces the risk of products being misplaced and creating messy displays, or knocked off the shelf if they´re bumped against each other.

Each line of bottles or cans is maintained in a width-adjustable steel frame hidden behind a customised riser. This reduces the risk of overfilling and damaged bottles. The frames are placed directly on the shelf and work whichever way they are installed.

Refilling, stock count and facing, the everyday tacks of store employees

Reducing the time spent on shelf and waste management, improves store efficiency!

Fewer breakages mean a better return on investment. With Facer™ the shelves cannot be overfilled which minimises the risk of expensive overstocking problems. Products remains within easy reach and shelves are tidy so there are no hidden bottles behind neighbouring stock.

Better faced-up departments encourage stronger sales.

Facer™ improves product presentation while significantly reducing time spent in section. The system provides solutions for both lateral and perpendicular signage. It’s proven that guiding consumers with a nice shelf segmentation drives sales.

Benefits with Facer™:

Less time spent on re-stocking, counting and facing up

Reduction of out-of-stocks

Better shelf merchandising developes impulse buying.

Less risk of over-stocking & broken bottles

More attractive presentation with products neatly aligned

Correct product in correct place

For more information about Pull Feeding download our brochure here

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—Pusher tray for cross bars

Increase sales by up to 20% with pusher trays

Switch to Next™ – the most versatile cross bar pusher system!

Maximize your merchandising space

Next™ is a pusher tray system that keeps products aligned at the front at all times which is a key factor for increasing sales. Dedicated product lanes and pusher feeds keeps the category neat and tidy on the shelf.

Customised merchandising

With Next™ there is a solution for almost every need in merchandising. The pusher tray system enables you to create a wall of products that enhance the presentation and the visibility of the brand.

Having product visible at all times increases impulse buys, improves product rotation and increases overall sales.

Clarifying the offer for frozen food

Next™ works very well in sub-zero environments such as freezers. It allows difficult products like pizzas and frozen food to be visible and easy to reach. Next™ is suitable for markets with high labour costs, hyper markets with many freezers and for convenience stores leverage space saving.

Benefits with Next™:

Reduces product spoilage

Reduces the time spent to manage the fixture

Improves product rotation

Improve range visibility and sales uplift

For more information about Pusher tray for cross bars download our brochure here

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—Pusher Tray For Shelves

Pusher tray for shelves

The pusher tray when strength is needed

Multivo™ Max is our new on-shelf metal pusher tray that creates perfect front facing, high flexibility in planogramming and efficient space usage.

Adjustable for different pack types 

With adjustable dividers it is easy to fit pack types from 110-250 mm width.

Multivo™ Max is part of the Multivo™ system. The tray is compatible with the Multivo™ rail that is known for its easy on-shelf installation. The front rail is mounted only in the front of the shelf which makes planogram changes easier – no need to reach the back of your shelves.

By using the same front rail you can combine Multivo™ Max with Multivo™ and cross merchandising is a fact.

For more information about Pusher Tray For Shelves download our brochure here

For more information and solutions siparis@hmkas.com